Law Firm Marketing and Marketing for Lawyers That Works

When I first started out in practice, I used to think
that marketing my law firm meant figuring out the one
thing I could do that would bring me in all the clients
I needed.

I spent at least a year trying to figure out what
that one thing was.

I searched google for law firm marketing, marketing for
lawyers, marketing for attorneys, build my law firm,
how can I get more clients …

I’m sure you know what I mean.  If you are here it’s
because you’ve been searching for all of that too.

You want more clients.

You want the answer on how to get more clients. And
perhaps, like me, you think there is some secret to
getting more clients for your law firm that has eluded

I read all the white papers, websites, forums and blog
posts on marketing for lawyers, law firm marketing,
marketing for attorneys, etc.,etc.

I found that most of what was out there wasn’t from
other small and solo practice law firm owners who had
found success, but from law firm marketing consultants
who were trying to sell me on their services.

Most of them weren’t lawyers at all. They were consultants.
They hadn’t actually done it in their own law practices.

So, long story short, I decided to try some of the law
firm marketing strategies they suggested.

Some of it worked, some of it didn’t.

Ultimately, I was able to get my phone ringing.  Not by
implementing one lawyer marketing strategy, but by
putting in place several strategies to market my law
practice and to get those strategies on an automated
system that would run continuously even when I got
busy or distracted with running my law practice and
serving my clients.

But here’s the most important thing I found out – I
was doing it all backwards.

You see, no one told me that it isn’t law firm
marketing strategies or even marketing at all that
will make the biggest difference …
it’s about what happens once the phone does ring.

You see, I got my phone ringing, but then I found
I was only converting a very small percentage of those
phone calls into appointments and I was only converting
a very small percentage of those appointments into

I was wasting my time and money on marketing my law firm
when I wasn’t really ready for the phone to ring at all.

What no one told me (and I really do believe it’s because
they didn’t know) is that the first place to focus is
not on marketing your law firm.

The place to start is on getting a system in place for
what happens once your phone rings.

What exactly do you say when someone calls to inquire about
your services?

What exactly do you say when they show up in your office
so they go from interested prospect to paying client?

What exactly should they see when they get to your website?

How do you bring someone from hearing you speak and being
interested in what you offer to coming into your office
and hiring you?

Those are the most important questions. If you invest time,
money and energy in marketing your law firm before you have
a solid process in place for engaging clients, you are
wasting your time and money.

If you want the very best marketing for your law practice,
begin by creating a solid client engagement system and process.

Once you know you can convert every qualified website hit
and phone call into an appointment and then at least 75% of
those appointments into client, then invest your money
in marketing your law practice.

Until then … build the system for engaging clients.

This is how I ended up building a million dollar law firm
and it would have happened much faster if I would have started
with figuring out  how to engage clients first and only marketing
my law firm after that.

If you’d like a huge shortcut to building your law firm, I’ve
got a gift for you – I never want to see another lawyer reinventing
the wheel like I had to.

Download over $22,500 of practice building resources on everything
from law firm marketing, to pricing and packaging your services,
setting your fees, collecting your fees, and having happy clients
who are thrilled to pay your fees at

I created these resources for my own law firm and I’m sharing them
with you absolutely free because I want to help you reinvent your
law business on a new model that is sustainable for you and your

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