Thanks to her Perpetual Marketing Machine, Alexis Neely has been seen on …

In less than 90 days, you will have set up
the following to create your own marketing machine:*

  •  Develop your own custom lead generation magnet so you consistently attract prospects who are not only highly interested in your services, but qualified and pre-qualified. This one tool will keep your pipeline full and your phone ringing and get you off the marketing merry-go-round and cash flow roller coaster, once and for all!
  • An offer so irresistible that the people you are meant to serve can’t (and wouldn’t want to) resist — in marketing terms, it’s called an Irresistible Offer. Once you have your own irresistible offer, everything changes. You’ll never speak at an event or advertise in the same way again; but you WILL get lots of phone calls to your office from qualified prospects excited to work with you.
  • Your Automated, Consistent Communication Campaign will be communicating with your prospects for you so you stay top of mind and capture the 97% of the market* that most advisors simply miss (the people who need to see you multiple times before they are willing to say yes or even understand why they need you). You are almost certainly missing these clients who need you! We’re changing that by the Fall marketing season.
  • Incorporate your unique core story into your client attraction and engagement processes  so you completely and totally differentiate yourself from every other lawyer in your community and watch the phone calls come pouring in! Read Jill Gregory’s story of how her life has changed since she discovered her core story and began using it in her practice for both attracting and engaging clients.

Because we know marketing is SO important to your business (it’s the key driver in many cases), we want to make this an absolutely, positively, without a shadow of a doubt no-brainer for you to say yes to you.

If you are not currently marketing (or not marketing this way), you are losing time, leaving money on the table and making your life way harder than it needs to be. Practice really can be easy and fulfilling when you’ve got a marketing machine doing the heavy lifting for you.

To make this without a question a yes for you, when you join us right now you will receive instant access to our “Client Attraction System”, which will get you into action immediately with the fundamentals of direct response marketing for lawyers so you are able to automate your marketing systems and build yourself a big list of people who will hire you (or refer you) when they are ready – this system sells for $1,997 itself, but join us today and receive it as our gift to you so you can get started right away.


90 Days of New Law Business Model Coaching with Million Dollar Practice Builder Alexis Neely

Since 2003, Alexis Neely has built two million dollar businesses (including her law firm) as well as a few 6-figure ones. In addition, she has helped hundreds of lawyers just like you build thriving, make a difference practices. With this bonus, you receive a free 90 day trial subscription to New Law Business Model Coaching with these benefits:

  • Monthly Live Law Business Coaching (LLBC) Calls directly with Alexis to get coaching on marketing, increasing your revenue or if you’re struggling with implementation;
  • Monthly Stress-Free Lawyer (SFL) Coaching Calls with Law Business Success Coach Jennifer Peck to help you get to what you most WANT in your practice and in your life — ease, grace, and relaxation;
  • Access to Basecamp, our private client/member forum, so you can collaborate with your peers, Alexis, our team and our program mentors; AND
  • Access to the Coaching Call Library, so you can listen to calls you missed or relisten to those you were on as a recap

Utilize the 90 days of live coaching with Alexis to jump start your progress and then you may continue beyond that, if you choose or cancel anytime. Regular Retail: $297/month

By the end of this course, you will have your own perpetual marketing machine in place so you can keep your pipeline full, get your phone ringing and have it all running on an auto-pilot technology system so you can keep your focus on being a great lawyer!

PLUS You’re Protected By Our No-Fail Guarantee!

We’re confident that when you invest in the Perpetual Marketing Machine, follow the steps and do the work, you will successfully create your own predictable, consistent, repeatable marketing system that you can count on to generate you leads day and night and then to turn those leads into the prospects and clients you love to serve OR Alexis and our team will work with you personally to find out why and coach you until this course pays for itself 3 times over. We’re Taking All the Risk!

*Disclaimer: Lawyers who follow our systems, principles, and coaching typically experience increased average fees, higher engagement rates, and greater career fulfillment. Your results will (of course) vary based on your effort and application of these tools, so specific or identical results or income cannot be guaranteed. However, our programs are covered under the terms of our No Fail Guarantee at

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