Actual Email From Lawyer Jill Gregory of Tahoe City, CA


Dear Alexis,

For over a decade, I struggled with my practice.

I had excellent client service and my clients were very happy, but I was always on the financial roller coaster – never knowing when the next check would come in. Like most of the attorneys in this area, I expanded my practice from estate planning (which I love) to unlawful detainers, DUI defense, conflict public defender cases and even some family law. I shared my office with a real property litigator who had practiced for over 30 years and he was in the same position!

I listened to one of your recordings and you said that lawyers could not just rely on one type of marketing. Stop the bus! Marketing? My marketing over the past 15 years had been word of mouth – that was it. I was floored there was something I could do and should do. Not one of the attorneys I worked with used any sort of marketing.

Becoming a Personal Family Lawyer was without doubt the single best investment I have ever made not only for my business, but for my clients, my family and … me!

I have gradually incorporated the PFL steps into my practice and am blown away with the results each step of the way.

When I started using the fee schedule, I was no longer trying to sell my fees (and guess what the total hourly fees would be). Client’s stopped trying to negotiate the fee. It took the stress out of discussing the fees.  I had prepared trusts for $1500 and up.  Now my trust fees start at $4000. And my clients are happy to pay it. Plus the clients get so much more than a set of documents.

When I started mailing out the pre-meeting packet, I found clients were pre-sold before they even met with me.

Then, when I started using the meeting script and showing clients what they would pay to the IRS as well as the disadvantages of probate, I became a trusted advisor who was saving them substantial amounts of money as well as all of the other benefits of having a trust.  It all became very clear to them.

My next step was to advertise. I used your Mother’s Day marketing campaign and placed my very first ad.  I had one couple meet with me and gladly retain me.  I have two more appointments scheduled. Even if only the first couple retains me, that is a 700% return on my investment!

My clients hug me at the end of every meeting – always. Even the big burly men.

I love my practice again. I am only doing estate planning and probate – and love every day of it.

On another note, my practice is starting to run like a well-oiled machine now which means I have more time for my daughter and my family.

My only regret is that I didn’t find your program sooner.

(Following writing this, I met with the second couple to reply to my ad. They hired me to do a trust plan as well as irrevocable trusts – with a fee of $8000. The wife said she mentioned needing an estate plan to her husband and then she opened the paper and there was my ad – it was like it was meant to be. Once again, each step I take in the PFL program is rewarded with almost immediate results.)

So, thank you again from the bottom of my heart,


Note From Alexis:

“I will be teaching you the exact strategies Jill is using to build her practice via the Personal Family Lawyer® program no matter what practice area you currently work within.”


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